Our Services

When looking to get a complete redesign of your outdoor space- there is a lot of moving parts to think about. It can be easy to get tied up in the small details like turf or real grass, fountains or ponds, etc. The Garland Landscape team works diligently to keep the plans on track without leaving any part out. From our designers to our installation experts, you can be confident that we will offer you the best options to build the outdoor space you desire. Since we have experienced landscapers who specialize in all fields of this industry—brush clearing, irrigation/plumbing, installation, wall development, landscape design, lighting—you can be sure that no task will go undone. But more importantly you won’t need to worry yourself with contacting 3-4 separate companies to complete the project you have in mind. Our team will be there to see the full job through. This full team works together to deliver the highest level of professionalism and quality design. The Garland Landscape team will brainstorm with the you to create the most appropriate, desired and efficient project plans for the space in mind! Please give us a call to discuss your project and see what we have to offer. Below are some of examples of landscape services. 

Landscape Installation & Design

Our designers begin with listening to learn what you envision for your outdoor space and from there they will make their first sketches and blueprints. Then the installation team will begin their work to start the transformation of the space, they will handle any tear down or restructuring that is required.

Grading & Leveling

If a complete overhaul of the outdoor surface is needed, then you will want to take the necessary plans to make sure it is done correctly. This is something you would never need to worry about with Garland Landscape as we have a dedicated team who specializes in reshaping the ground’s surface.

Retaining Walls

A retaining wall acts to divide a space but more importantly to resist the lateral pressure of soil in a new place. Our landscape team is able to fully construct these fundamentally sound walls to keep your space contained and safe.


An outdoor space can take on an entirely new look and personality with a new hardscape installation. Patios, bricks, stones, paths can change the style and overall feeling of an outdoor space.

Landscape/Yard Cleanup

After Garland Landscape organizes the project, we will also complete all the “dirty work” that must be done both before and after the landscape work. That means we will sweep, lift, and dispose of all waste and inevitable junk that comes from a complete landscape project.

Sprinkler Installation

Different design layouts will call for different sprinkler setups, but since we are the designers and the laborers, we will build a landscape according to the easiest sprinkler setups. If you want patio sprinklers or classic grass sprinklers, we can make the design plans incorporate high quality sprinklers that will last for many years!

Landscape Lighting

A third-party lighting company will not always know the most effective way to light a landscape design which they did not make themselves. But since we created the design and layout on our end, we know exactly what corners and pieces need to be lit and at what intensity.

Water Features

Garland Landscape has proven success with building and installing fountains, ponds and garden pools to achieve the look you desire. We utilize water to give more personality and uniqueness to the landscape plans.

Storm Cleanup

Our highly experienced landscape team knows just how to deal with the mess that can be created from a wet, rainy day. Whether you need brand new soil in your yard or you simply need a tidying up to get it back to its original look, we can help.


With complex landscape comes complex drainage systems- but we know our way around the majority of commercial and residential drainage systems on the market.

Synthetic Turf Installation

Now is the perfect time to have Synthetic Turf installation done on your next artificial lawn project. With Synthetic Turf you are choosing to embrace a greener world!


Our hands-on contractors will build and install the exact fence that will fit the needs of this space. We can set you up with fences for the aesthetic appeal or with fences that are practical and protective.