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A professional fencing contractor is an invaluable asset for safeguarding your property, and they can offer customized solutions that are both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional. A professional fencing contractor can supply reliable and enduring solutions that meet both visual desires and practical requirements.

When it comes to selecting a Gig Harbor fence contractor, the decision can be challenging. You need a reliable and reputable Gig Harbor fence company that ensures minimal disruptions. At Garland Landscape, we prioritize a seamless installation process for your convenience. Our installers are dedicated to accommodating your schedule, making the entire process hassle-free. 

Our professional team works closely with you, guiding you through various design options to achieve your desired fencing goals. With precision installers, we offer consistent and precise products. For an exceptional and stress-free fencing installation experience, make Garland Landscape your preferred fencing contractor.



Why You Need a Professional Fencing Contractor

Investing in a professional fencing contractor like Garland Landscape is a smart move. Not only will it enhance the look of your property, but it will also provide practical benefits like protection and privacy.

Garland Landscape is the ideal choice for top-quality fencing solutions in Gig Harbor. We take pride in offering premium fencing products that meet the highest standards. Our highly trained installers are seasoned professionals with extensive field experience. Unlike other companies, we do not rely on subcontractors, so our workmanship remains consistently excellent.

As a licensed and insured company, we prioritize the safety and satisfaction of our customers. Our streamlined installation process assures efficiency and precision. To account for unexpected conditions at the site, we always come prepared with extra fencing materials.

Is Professional Fence Installation Worth the Cost?

You might be tempted to save money by doing it yourself, but hiring a professional fencing contractor can actually be more cost-effective in the long run.

Professional fencing contractors have the experience and knowledge needed to avoid common installation pitfalls. They know how to properly prepare your yard, ensuring that your new fence will stand strong for years to come. This expertise helps prevent costly repairs or replacements down the line.

Ensuring a Smooth Installation Process

Hiring a professional fencing contractor ensures that every aspect of the installation process goes smoothly – from getting permits through marking utility lines – leaving you free to focus on enjoying the results of their hard work. Don’t risk costly mistakes or legal issues by trying to DIY your fence installation. Trust the professionals to get the job done right.

Guidance in Material Selection

Choosing the right materials for your fence can be overwhelming. Our fencing contractor can guide you through the process and suggest high-quality materials that are suitable for your specific needs. Whether you want a traditional wood fence or a modern vinyl or aluminum one, we can help.

Hiring a qualified contractor will ensure your fence installation is managed with care and skill. Even challenging situations like sloping yards are no match for local experts at Garland Landscape.

Gig Harbor Wood Fence

If you're seeking a natural wood fence, Garland Landscape is the perfect choice. Our wood fencing designs combine both durability and beauty.

Wood fences are a popular choice by our customers for their natural look. There are a variety of wooden options to choose from. Those that are eco-conscious will be happy to know that wood fences are environmentally friendly.

When it comes to superior wood fencing in Gig Harbor, Garland Landscape is your go-to provider. Choose our exceptional wood fence solutions to experience the perfect combination of strength and elegance.

Gig Harbor Vinyl Fence

Enhance your Gig Harbor property with a stunning, long-lasting vinyl fence from Garland Landscape. With over 19 years of experience, we are experts in designing and installing premium vinyl fences. Our commitment to quality is evident in our satisfied customers.

Our low-maintenance vinyl fences are the perfect solution if you desire a wood alternative. Replicate the beauty of wood without the hassle of upkeep.

At Garland Landscape, we stand behind the durability of our vinyl fences. Trust in our local operating company that is dedicated to providing exceptional service and craftsmanship.

Practical Benefits of Professionally Installed Fences

Fencing is more than just a visual enhancement to your property. Professionals install it for practical purposes such as protection and privacy. 

A fence can be an effective barrier against intruders, thereby safeguarding your home or business premises and providing privacy from outsiders. It also offers much-needed privacy from prying eyes, creating a private sanctuary for you, your family, or your employees.

Handling Challenges Posed by Sloping Yards

Sloping yards pose a unique challenge when installing fences. However, local experts like Garland Landscape are adept at handling these situations seamlessly. Our expertise and experience ensure that the fencing on sloped terrains is stable and aesthetically pleasing.


Don't DIY your fence - hire a professional fencing contractor for a sturdy and long-lasting result. Our qualified contractors can guide you through material selection and provide cost-effective installation options. Enjoy practical benefits such as privacy protection and the ability to handle sloping yards with the expertise of a fencing contractor.

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