Synthetic Turf Installation in Gig Harbor

Synthetic Turf

As the popularity of synthetic turf installation continues to rise in Gig Harbor and surrounding communities, it’s important for homeowners and businesses alike to understand its benefits and implications. 

The Evolution and Benefits of Synthetic Turf

When it comes to landscaping, synthetic turf has come a long way over the last 20 years. Artificial grass provides an immaculate lawn without constant maintenance and eliminates the need for harmful chemicals and pesticides. In fact, traditional lawns consume nearly three trillion gallons of water each year - a resource that can be conserved with synthetic turf.

Besides being aesthetically pleasing, turfs are eco-friendly. They don't require watering like real grass does, leading to significant water conservation. Moreover, you're spared from using fertilizers or pesticides that could potentially harm the environment. It's a win-win situation.



Installation Process for Artificial Grass

Installing synthetic turf is straightforward. First, we prepare the ground by removing any existing grass or vegetation and leveling the area. Then, we unrolled the artificial grass and let it soak up some sun for about an hour to soften it.

In short, synthetic turf combines beauty with brawn making them an excellent choice for any homeowner or business looking for long-lasting landscaping solutions. 

Health and Aesthetic Advantages of Synthetic Turfs

Synthetic turfs offer numerous health and aesthetic benefits, making them an ideal choice for homeowners and businesses alike. Their hypoallergenic nature is a significant advantage, especially for households with family members suffering from allergies triggered by pollen grains released by plants or weeds commonly found growing amidst patches of real grass. This feature helps reduce seasonal allergy symptoms. Additionally, synthetic turfs eliminate the presence of mud and other contaminants brought home by pets playing outside, ensuring cleaner homes. Beyond these health advantages, artificial lawns also boost curb appeal instantly. The absence of patchy brown spots typically associated with a lack of proper care or attention given to living lawns makes them irresistible to prospective buyers or tenants looking to rent spaces featuring outdoor areas perfect for relaxing or entertaining guests. Their pristine appearance can significantly increase your property’s resale value if you decide to sell. With all these perks considered, it’s no wonder why many are opting for synthetic turf installation.

Benefits of Synthetic Turfs

  • Hypoallergenic nature
  • Eliminates mud and other contaminants
  • Boosts curb appeal instantly
  • Increases property resale value

Overall, synthetic turfs are a great investment for improving your property’s appearance and reducing allergy symptoms. 

Cost Effectiveness And Maintenance Of Artificial Lawns

The initial cost of installing synthetic turf may seem steep, but artificial lawns are a more economical choice compared to the long-term expenses of maintaining real grass. On average, homeowners spend $12 per square foot annually on lawn maintenance – a cost that can be avoided with artificial turf.

With artificial lawns, there’s no need for regular applications of fertilizer or an irrigation system installed underneath the surface layer to keep it hydrated – especially during hot summer months when temperatures soar above average levels seen in most parts of the U.S. This results in significant savings over time.


You can say goodbye to your mower and enjoy free weekends without yard work with synthetic turf.

Fertilizing & Watering

Artificial grass doesn't require watering or fertilizers, which saves money and helps conserve water resources.

Pest Control

Since pests aren't attracted to artificial grass like they are to natural ones, you won't have any need for pest control services either.

Have Questions about Synthetic Turf?

Synthetic turf installation is a game-changer for those looking to enhance their landscaping and hardscaping.

Artificial grass is a no-brainer for homeowners and businesses with its water conservation benefits, durability against heavy usage, cost-effectiveness, low maintenance requirements, and health and aesthetic benefits.

Plus, with the evolution of synthetic turf technology, you won’t even be able to tell the difference between real grass and fake stuff.

  • Save water with synthetic turf installation.
  • Heavy foot traffic? No problem with synthetic turf.
  • Artificial grass is cost-effective and low maintenance.
  • Enjoy the health and aesthetic benefits of synthetic turf.
  • Thanks to advancements in technology, synthetic turf looks just like the real thing.

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